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The Concept Idea

Help-Iraq.com is intended to be an alternative instrument for helping Iraq in lieu of the international help organizations. Definitely income from oil will be limited for the next few years and other income (e.g. from privatisation) is not available for social welfare. Thus those who need help most depend on charity, wherever it comes from.
Different to the general help organisations Help-Iraq.com is facilitating individual help, in which

  • The donator is integrated in the decision, where his donation is going to;
  • The receivers will know, from where the donation is coming from. Thereby human cross border relations are set;
  • The donator may combine the donation with his own interests (e.g. as a pilot project in Iraq, as a reference, as a promotion etc.);
  • Each donation will have its separate life;
  • Each donation will have its own story;
  • Each will be published on the Internet webpage Help-Iraq.com.

The website Help-Iraq.com serves as a proof for the donator how his donation was spent (confirmed by the auditor) and implemented. It may serve as an encouragement for others to start helping.

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